Wedding Photography - Thoughts On The Big Day From A Photographer's Perspective

28 Jul 2018By AdrianBlog

Why You Only Get One Chance To Capture The Big Day

Each bride will need loving, memorable wedding photographs that really capture that special day; finding the right photographer who knows what you want and how to achieve it is quintessential to your big day. Marshall Photography strives to exceed your expectations on your wedding day, so you don't miss a thing even if you weren't there to witness it!

Plan Ahead of Time & Find The Right Photographer Who Understands You

Get your pre-wedding planning chores finished early and begin to plan the what you'd like out of your wedding photo shoot; this is a long, ongoing process and can take months to get right - so have an idea in advance of what you really want.

Speak with couples who have used Marshall Photography, and you'll soon understand why we are a firm favourite.

Our online portfolio offers but a glimpse of what we have on offer - if you'd like to see more, you can always get in touch with us to see more of our work.

Marshall Photography is happy to arrange viewings of existing wedding collections we've shot to ensure you have full peace of mind before committing.

When the big day arrives, it's good to provide a brief to your photographer to ensure he understands when to be at prime locations for the speeches, toasts and laughter-inducing best man speeches - for these are the real memories of your wedding day.

Marshall Photography aims to capture your guests as casual and candid as possible - because we understand how busy you'll be on the day you might miss out on the adoring looks coming your way (which happens all too often).

The photos we take for you capture everyone and every moment during your big day - most importantly; those intimate couple shots that you'll be able to brag about for years to come!

Organise A Gathering Of Your Guests

As a photographer it's advantageous if you can appoint 'helpers' who can be on-hand during the day to grab people for different sets of group photos - the bride's family and the groom's in separate shots is always lovely, but things get really fun when you mix everybody together!

I find that the best man or maid of honour are often the best at these tasks - otherwise, you wouldn't have nominated them to give an embarrassing speech about you on your wedding day!

Getting everybody together for one big shot can be quite the task - so having helpers to collect friends and family for some personal photographs is something we'd recommend you consider on the day.

Marshall Photography is known for professional work when covering weddings - which is why we've secured outstanding ratings across Google, Facebook and

Located in the heart of Suffolk we can travel throughout East Anglia to capture weddings and wedding day events.

Why Do People Keep Using Marshall Photography?

It's rather simple - we deliver photos that capture your wedding day vibes; the laughter, love and tears of joy will all be on show in your wedding day collection. Offering a speedy turnaround on your photos to ensure you can share your big day with those that matter most to you.

Why Do We Love Wedding Photography So Much?

Wedding photography solidified my love of photography - there is something cosmically special about capturing the happiness of two souls committing to sharing their time together for the rest of their lives.

Being close to Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Ely & in a central location makes it easy for us to travel to photoshoots throughout East Anglia - get in touch for a chat about your big day.

We're always happy to answer any questions you might have and are confident that our high-sync camera technology will deliver the excellence and image clarity that you desire.

About the Author

I have photographed people, portraits and landscapes, professionally for over five years. I slowly became fascinated with wedding events and wedding photography. So, after booking in my first few weddings, I have never looked back and love helping couples collect precious, treasured and often silly little memories from the big day. I feel privileged to genuinely enjoy what I do, which is reflected in my work and has enabled me to meet people from all walks of life – some of whom have become good friends over the years.