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Portraits With A Difference

6 Aug 2018By AdrianBlog

What Makes Our Portrait Photography So Popular?

Photography & Portraits - what makes our photographs so popular?

Portraits need to suit the individual - which is why Marshall Photography strives to deliver portrait photography with a difference. Our sessions to suit your own style, or casual or as mad and exciting as you would like; you can choose and location that you desire or use our professional studio - please enquire about our new portrait packages.

Portraits have been used to show off the power, importance, virtue, beauty, taste, learning or other qualities.

Photographers sometimes include depictions of themselves in larger group portraits; this may be a self-portrait in another type of composition.

Lighting portraits and the different types:

Three-point lighting

One of the most basic lighting plans is called a three-point lighting. This plan uses three (and sometimes four) lights to fully model (bring out details and the three-dimensionality of) the subject’s features. The three main lights used in this light plans.

Key light

A key light that is also called a main light, or a key light is usually placed to one side of the subject’s face, between 30 and 60 degrees off center and a bit higher than eye level. The purpose of the key-light is to give shape (modelling) to a subjectwhich is typically a face. This relies on the first meaning of lighting, white comes out of a plane and black goes back into a plane. The depth of shadow which is made by the main-light that can be controlled with a fill-light.

High light

This is a technique used to help a portrait where the main color is white or light-yellow. The background should be white with several lights that can be used, all at the same time.


Opposed to high-key portraits, this skill is used only to highlight a specific part of the subject’s face, often half of the face if only one light source is used or just the facial contour if two lights are used.Portraits with a difference marshall photography

Fill-in light

In modern photography the fill-in light is used to control the contrast in the scene, it is nearly always placed above the lens axis which is a large light source, think of the sky behind your head when taking a photograph.

The amount of light that is less than the key-light (main-light), that fills and acts by lifting the shadows only particularly relevant in digital photography where the noise lives in the shadows. A 2 second stop reduction in intensity for the fill-light would be a typical start point to maintain dimensionality (modelling) in a portrait (head and shoulder) shot.Portraits with a difference marshall photography

Marshall photography is known for professional work when covering your special day. It is in our statement that our pictures give messages of every moment. The situation of times and event at pace, thereby making clients label marshall photography an 'awarding winning.'

There is no doubt about the fact that marshall photography is a repository of professional photographers. With years of experience in the field of photography, our team of photographers are open to skill and professionalism, which is much needed to deliver an eye-catching picture by making you a magnet of attraction.

Most important, Marshall Photography is in the heart of Suffolk and has newly landed in the home of horse racing, Newmarket. We aim to give our client's access to a broad range of services available at any location or venue in the UK.

To this end, our efficient photographers travel to a different part of the world to capture wedding events. Just make a booking with us via our contact page and our committed professional photographers will avail with state-of-the-art cameras to cover your wedding ceremony.

Why Do People Keep Using Marshall Photography?

It is unarguably clear that marshall photography is one of its kinds in the profession of photography. Besides its consistent quality services, marshall photography dexterity in all areas of photography endeavours makes it outstanding. This is justifiable in our full range of photography services such as still life, landscape, action, animals, portraits, and transport.

We have full coverage of wedding ceremonies without an exemption of any relevant part is the hallmark of our photographers. You can book ahead of time for your events to secure a date, as we always keep to an agreement.

Little wonder that our orderly arrangement is second to none. Noteworthy is that marshall photography operates on contemporary cameras and equipment to ensure the delivery of desirable results.

About Us

In the light of emboldening happiness in the lives of humans, the idea of creating marshall photography was born.

We are persistent and committed to making our services available to everyone. This is why the location of our company has its advantageous to our clients. Your photographs could be on Dartmoor or in the deep countryside of devon, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Got any questions or would like more information? Please feel free to contact us - we are always happy to help. Our high-sync technology photography helps us deliver excellent image clarity and the results you desire.

About the Author

I have photographed people, portraits and landscapes, professionally for over five years. I slowly became fascinated with wedding events and wedding photography. So, after booking in my first few weddings, I have never looked back and love helping couples collect precious, treasured and often silly little memories from the big day. I feel privileged to genuinely enjoy what I do, which is reflected in my work and has enabled me to meet people from all walks of life – some of whom have become good friends over the years.