My passion for Photography goes back to my earliest school years in the Suffolk when I would dream of owning a camera. Watching my dad use an old vintage box camera that I thought was just a toy. He used to send the film away and seems like took weeks to come back.

Years passed and I managed to save up and buy myself a Pentax super SE.  trying to take photos that use to come back from the shop under-exposed and over-exposed.

My Passion

With frustration, I took to reading photography books.  – it all combined to create an experience that I have never forgotten. my passion for photography started college and always use to forget to take the lens cap off.  Before I knew it everything Caught up with me and the Big world changed to digital. I have experienced passion and fun playing about with lights in the studio and found out the true meaning of Light.

My Photography

I have photographed people, portraits, landscapes, professionally now for 5 years, but realized became fascinated in wedding photography, so after taking my first few weddings I have never looked back. I feel so lucky to truly love my job. It has enabled me to meet people from so many different backgrounds – some of whom have become good friends all over the World – and I count it a true privilege to play such a key role in one of the most important days of someone’s life in Recording History.

I’m predominantly a location photographer, but I also shoot weddings throughout the UK. And about and around my home town Newmarket and abroad.  I love for my passion for photograph weddings, people, everything and anything and will never stop. As well as making and talking about pictures, I love the passion of the great outdoors and books, writing, design, architecture and great conversation. With a bit of scuba diving and mountain biking is thrown in. Living a full and happy life is very important to me.

Although I love to travel and live for my camera.